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At UnitedHealth Group, we are extremely grateful for, and proud of, our care providers and the compassionate employees working to serve our members and communities during the COVID-19 public health crisis. Our brave frontline team members are working tirelessly around the globe to help those in need during this worldwide pandemic.

Please take a moment to send a special note of gratitude to our care providers and the brave employees on the frontline.


To our Heroes on the frontline of COVID-19:

“Thank you for your brave service to our country and the people we are privileged to serve who entrust you with their health and well-being every day.  The 325,000 team members of UnitedHealth Group, Optum and UnitedHealthcare are grateful for and admire your unmatched skills, unwavering compassion and restless determination to serve others first.  We pray you remain safe and protected.  We are committed to support and enable you to do your best work, so that you can fully devote your hands, your hearts and your minds to defeating the COVID-19 pandemic in our communities around the world.

"Be safe.  Be well."

Dave Wichmann
CEO, UnitedHealth Group

Dave Wichmann

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